What is Thai Massage?

In short, Thai massage is a fully clothed bodywork experience that incorporates assisted stretching, traction, and compression to relax and rejuvenate a person.

The long version is something like this: Thai massage is practiced on a soft, thin, futon on the floor. It’s a combination of energy work, deep, mindful compression along meridians and acupressure points, and yoga like stretching, all of which make skilled use of the practitioners hands, feet, elbow, and knees. The intention is to kindly and mindfully unravel the patterns of tension that take up residence in the body from its day-to-day interactions with the environment, society, and their accompanying stresses, pressures, and challenges.

Thai Massage is applying the right amount of pressure at the right angle. It’s a deep breath at just the right moment. It’s attentiveness in motion and the gentle but firm reminder that there is power in letting go.

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Free Manual

This manual is free to use, copy, distribute, share, critique, and enjoy! It is absolutely free. These techniques are part of a rich cultural heritage and I’m honored to help spread them. All I ask is that if you intend to use the manual in a workshop that you please let me know! Otherwise do … Continue reading Free Manual

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